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The Ultimate Axe Throwing Fundraisers

Are you raising money and need a great fundraiser or an attractive facility to host a fundraising event?

Raising funds can be hard work. We know there are a lot of fundraising ideas, companies, and strategies to get the job done, but we believe we have put together the best 7 programs listed below.

 We have two goals:

We want you to be able to raise the largest amount of money with the least amount of work and we want the process to be fun and help you get the word out about your organization and/or cause.

Most fundraising programs fail to get traction because of the way that they are modeled. So, we have built a flexible fundraising structure that takes into account the different types of groups that may want to use Angry Axe for their fundraising needs.  

 Below are a few of the ways we have worked with groups in the past, but we are open to your ideas and thoughts….

 1. Hosting a fundraising event at Angry Axe

Are you interested in hosting a fundraiser for your school, church group, social club or cause? Sometimes the facility is the deciding factor in a fundraisers success. If you would like to use Angry Axe as your host facility we have two options. We can provide a discounted private event and you can charge for tickets to come to throw axes or we can charge our normal fees at the door and provide you with a revenue split. This is an easy, quick and low-pressure option to raise money and people really enjoy their time with us.

We can even help you market your event to maximize your exposure.

2. Joint Axe Throwing Marketing Campaign

If you have a large group of people, social following or marketing channel, one of the best fundraising options is to offer a small discount on axe throwing and then we will have a revenue split on everyone that uses the discount code within a specific period of time. To learn more about this program’s potential, reach out to us.

3. Lumberjack Axe Throwing Ticket Fundraiser

If you have a group that needs to raise money individually, this might be the best option for you. We will issue you discounted tickets that each of your people can sell for a high margin. This program is similar to what you see with many church groups, camp fundraisers, cheerleading fundraisers, and school events. 

4. Axe Chucking Auction

If you are hosting a fundraising event at a different location, this option is probably the best bet for your event. We can donate an Axe Throwing Party for you to auction off at your event.

5. Mobile Axe Throwing Fundraiser

If you haven’t seen our mobile axe throwing setup, it is a lot of fun….and best of all, we can use it to raise funds for your organization, event, or cause. We can bring our mobile axe throwing setup to your location and you can either sell axe throwing at the price you choose or you can simply use it to attract a crowd to your event. For large outdoor fundraising events, this is a great option.

 6. Axe-a-thon Fundraiser

The next two options are similar to a walk-a-thon, but instead, it is based on the points a person can get when throwing axes. Here is how it works: Let’s assume a child is raising money for camp. He or she can raffle a prize to the sponsor that guesses the correct amount of points the child can achieve after X amount of throws.

Another option could be that the child can say, “Out of 50 throws how much money will you sponsor for every bullseye that I can get?” Then we can collect an official score and sign off on it so that the child can collect the winnings. 

 7. Axe Master Challenge Fundraiser

This last fundraising idea works really well if your cause is not well known and you need a little extra incentive to get people to sponsor. Here is how it works: We would set up a big prize that can be obtained if the sponsor is able to win a difficult axe throwing challenge (i.e. get a bullseye blindfolded or something less dangerous) to attempt to win a sponsor would have to pay a fee that would go to the fundraiser. I suppose you could sell tickets for this privilege as well.

All of the above ideas and fundraising programs have been used at Angry Axe and we love helping non-profits, passionate people, and the community raise money. It is our desire to partner with you on your fundraising endeavors and help you raise money. We know what works and have seen many successful fundraising campaigns, give us a shout out and let us know your fundraising goals.