probably the best job in the world

Want to throw axes for a living?

Angry axe is looking for axe throwing coaches to facilitate group events and help people throw axes.

The role of an axe throwing coach is to give every person that walks through our doors an unforgettable experience. We want people to share in our passion for axe throwing and excite them. As a coach you will have multiple responsibilities, including:

  1. Keep people safe. By making sure everyone is trained, mentally alert and following our strict safety guidelines.
  2. Teach proper technique. Axe throwing will be a new experience for most people that come to Angry Axe…so we want to train each guest on how to throw and how to play. We don’t want anyone to feel confused or embarrassed to throw, so good training, patience, and kindness are very important.
  3. Be a leader. As a coach people will look to you for advice, encouragement and assistance, so we want each of our coaches to be actively engaged and show real leadership. If you are the type of person that struggles with the confidence to take charge, or manage people, then this is not going to be the best position for you.
  4. Be a helper. At Angry Axe, we are like one big family so be willing to help (As long as helping doesn’t interfere with your responsibilities)
  5. Be an Angry Axe Ambassador. We share because be care and want people to spend their time throwing axes with us.

If you are interested in becoming a coach, please contact us and let us know.